Cultural Engineering

Promoting a cultural event, an artist or the history of a place differs from traditional event or communication. The approach, the organization and the objectives to achieve are not the same, which is why it is important that you turn to experts in the sector.

The stakes of cultural engineering

Technological evolution is constantly progressing, but this must not be to the detriment of our cultural and patrimonial wealth. It is important to assist and support every initiative to preserve our culture, to evolve, and share it and mostly to prevent it from desuetude.

It is by organizing, planning and coordinating a cultural project that Z7 Agency, headed by Mrs Alwane ZINE-CAPELLA, aims to support all the efforts in this direction. Our cultural engineering department is there to meet the needs of various structures such as Artists, organizations, museums, arts centers or foundations that promote art and enhance artistic exchanges.

Cultural engineering is a powerful communication tool that can easily fit into the memory of your target audience.

The objectives of cultural engineering

Cultural engineering is an area that requires specific skills for professionals in the sector.

  • A precise expertise of the regulations associated with the cultural world.
  • A capacity for innovation, projection, and knowledge related to cultural heritage and actions.
  • An ability to mobilize a large network of specialists and experts.
  • A fine knowledge in marketing & communication to promote this project to different target audiences.
  • A know-how to find the best and ideals partners, benefactors and sponspors.

The missions of cultural engineering can be varied, which is why we have divided them into four:

  • Cultural audits: opportunity study, feasibility of the project, budget estimate.
  • Strategic studies: valuing a territory, its culture and its heritage. Setting up a project according to the objectives sought.
  • Marketing development: communication around the project, economic benefits estimates.
  • Cultural mediation: sharing knowledge and educating people about art and culture. Establishment of devices to achieve these objectives.


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