Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital marketing has become a key factor in a company’s overall communication. Our various services are there to help you conquer this medium and transform all this actions into business development.

Marketing is about being in the right place at the right time with the right product. On the internet you are already in the right place at the right time!

Our digital solutions

A website at your image

The Internet is the fastest and most effective source of information today, and if your business comes up during this research, you have the opportunity to transform a prospect into a customer simply because you are at the right place at the right time. Our web development service will provide you of a website that will be the main pillar of your digital presence.

It is necessary to keep in mind that a company that does not have a website these days is can be considered as a "ghost business" for people who do not know it. A website can develop your image, provide the necessary information to prospects, sell products / services, or facilitate discussions with Internet users.

All of these actions have a common goal: help your business grow.

Your Search Engine Optimization

SEO (for Search Engine Optimization) is a free approach to display more frequently your website through search engines. A thorough work on adapted keywords and the optimization of content and html codes will make SEO a powerful tool for your visibility on internet. SEA, on the other hand, is a paid approach that is more direct and delivers faster results. This effective method is measurable and manageable. This method, like SEO, will put you ahead of your competition.

It is possible to combine these two actions to improve your visibility directly as well as to develop a solid background work that could partially replace your investment in SEA over time.

The objective is to increase the traffic on your different platforms (sites, blogs, youtube channels, social networks), increase their visibility, and therefore boost your customer acquisition through an optimized SEO-SEA.

Manage and monitor your communities

Being present on social networks has become essential for any business and managing these networks is just as important! Digital communication is spreading very fast and a constant monitoring has become necessary.

Manage the image of your company: an effective Community Management makes it possible to step in and react to what takes place on various networks. It also makes it possible to respond to customer or prospect requests, to manage a crisis situation, to have an effective competitive intelligence, or even to get feedbacks on your company or/and products.

Develop your company’s image: if you want to be known, or not to be forgotten, it is necessary to be where the largest audience is. Facebook, with its 1.89 billion active monthly users or Twitter with its 330 million, it is reckless to neglect these potential prospects. The advantage of these platforms is the interactivity they allow with their users in order to invite them into your universe and thus to retain them. Effective community management will support the rest of your business as would after sale services.

Measure your digital presence

It is through an in-depth analysis that the web audit determines the strengths and weaknesses of your digital presence. Unlike a Website Audit, a Web Audit also takes into account off-site factors and thus defines an action plan to create an effective digital marketing strategy. We split this analysis into 4 parts:

  • A study of your website structure: Usability, Design and Content.
  • A technical/SEO study of your website: HTML code, Keywords, Backlinks, etc.
  • A statistical study of your site: Google Analytics.
  • A study of your presence and e-reputation: Social networks, Competition, Perception.

The purpose of a Web Audit is to define if your digital presence has weaknesses or flaws and fix them. At the end of our analysis, we will give you a substantial audit file presenting our study and our recommendations. We can also provide the realization of its actions while establishing with you objectives to reach in order to transform these actions into tangible results for your business. We will strengthen the digital marketing aspect of your business to increase its activity.

Are you looking for various solutions to answer your digital needs?

Agence Z7 offers cross-functional services to create a synergy for your presence on the web. We can offer you the implementation of a complete digital marketing strategy.